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Help desk contact

What do I do if I cannot access the iOPharmaTM platform, receive an error or have a general enquiry?

Contact the Service Desk
• Email: 

What information will I need to provide the Service Desk?
• Your name, location and contact details.
• The web browser you are using (Microsoft Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Google Chrome, other)
• Your current operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X, Linux, Unix, other).
• A description of your problem.
• A copy of any error messages displayed on your screen. To take a screen shot press the Prnt Scrn key and then paste it into an email and send it to the Service Desk. A Service Desk employee can walk you through the process.

What should I expect after logging a call?
• The agent will provide you with a case reference ID.
• The agent will ask you some troubleshooting questions and try to resolve your call on first contact.
• If the agent cannot resolve your problem, they will have a technical engineer contact you directly to resolve your issue.

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