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Merging accounts

If you act as a distributor and have two accounts on iOPharmaTM platform, one for buyer and another one for supplier, and a buyer sends an RFQ to your personal email (or any email other than the one you use to login), system will detect this and will give you following options to resolve the conflict:


  1. Open the email notification you received (on your personal email) from buyer.
  2. Click on the RFQ link.
  3. Login to iOPharmaTM platform with:
    1. Your supplier account (See Supplier help manual/ Merging Accounts section).
    2. Your buyer account; a message will show up with following options:
      1. Register or login as supplier.
      2. Ignore and go to your RFQs list by clicking on “Ignore this RFQ” link.
      3. Or logout from iOPharmaTM platform by clicking on “Logout” link.



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