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Requesting an audit report

  1. Navigate to ‘Audits’ under ‘My filing cabinet’.
  2. Click on ‘Request an audit’ button.
  3. Type in product name, CAS number or supplier name and click on search icon to see all products published by suppliers.
      The icon AUD will appear next to product name if there’s already an audit on this product.
  4. Click on ‘Request an audit’ link next to product name to view all current requests (if any) on this product for that supplier.
  5. If you’re satisfied with any of the existing audits, click on ‘Join requesters’ button. If not, click on ‘Start a new request’ link to request a new report.
    If an audit has an announced price, you can ‘Commit to purchase report’ directly.
  6. Select an auditor, choose the date you require your report and fill in other details then click on ‘Submit’ button to send the request to auditor.

 You can request to be an exclusive buyer for this report by checking ‘I want exclusive rights for this report’ check box. This will give you the ability to promote this report and re-sell if you wish to.

 Once submitted, your request can be found under ‘My filing cabinet >Audits>Requests’. At this stage, auditor will negotiate with supplier on auditing date, and once confirmed he will either announce the plan to all buyers or negotiate with one of the buyers who asked to have exclusive rights for the report; you will receive a notification to inform you on either case.

 You can request an audit also from supplier’s page. Go to ‘My clients' > Click on supplier name > Click on any of his products > Click on ‘Request an audit’ link. Or from ‘Products’ page under ‘Resources’ section.

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