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Receiving orders from buyers

When a buyer purchases your Audit report through the platform, an order will be generated automatically and sent to you, you’ll be informed through the notification system to view the details of this order and forward it to Auditor so he can upload a new report with buyer’s name on it.

  1. Navigate to ‘Audits > Orders’ under ‘My filing cabinet’.
  2. Click on the order link to view full details.
  3. Click on ‘Forward’ button; write a message to Auditor (if any) then click on ‘Submit’ button. Order status becomes ‘Pending auditor response’ and can be found under ‘Audits > Orders’.
    Auditor now will process the order and send the report to buyer with buyer’s name on it. You can communicate with auditor at any time using our messaging system.
  4. Or if you are not satisfied with order details for any reason; click on ‘Decline’ link, choose the reason of declination then submit to buyer.

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