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Commit to purchase report

If auditor decides to announce the plan after his agreement with supplier; you and other requesters will be informed through notifications where iOPharmaTM platform now allows you to commit to purchase report or decline your request if you no longer interested.

  1. Navigate to ‘Audits > Plans’ under ‘My filing cabinet’.
  2. Click on plan number to view full details.
  3. If you are satisfied with auditor’s price and other plan details click on ‘Commit to purchase report’, enter your company name, complete the payment and submit. Once paid a final order will be created and sent to the auditor. This order can be found under ‘My filing cabinet > Audits > Orders>.
    You will receive a notification once the auditor confirms the plan and releases the report.
  4. If you no longer need this request for any reason, click on the ‘Decline’ link, fill in reason for the declination and send to auditor.

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