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Negotiating specs

At this stage you & your supplier are negotiating the specifications for the product(s) you enquired about. There is no limit to how many times you may negotiate back and forth. You will receive a notification on the platform and by email each time you receive a new response.

  1. Navigate to ‘RFQs’ under ‘My filing cabinet’.
  2. Navigate to ‘RFQs pending my response’.
  3. Choose an RFQ to negotiate.
  4. If you are not entirely satisfied with the proposed specifications, choose ‘Negotiate specs'.
    1. Review the supplier’s response.
    2. Amend, accept or decline.
    3. Expand the ‘Product details’ tab to review your response details then ‘Submit’ your revised response.
  5. Repeat step 4 until you are satisfied with the supplier’s response to your enquiry.
  6. If you are satisfied with the product specifications, click on ‘Add to proposals cart’, enter the quantity you want to order then click on ‘Submit’. The product will be added to your proposals cart. If you wish, you can group many products into one purchase order proposal per supplier (See section Preparing a purchase order proposal ).
  7. If you no longer need this RFQ for any reason; click on the ‘Decline’ link, fill in declination reason and submit it to the supplier.

 You can view the history of each field in the RFQ page by clicking on ‘Previous negotiations’ link shown above each field.

 There is no limit to how many times negotiations can be repeated; this is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your RFQ. The history of negotiations between you and your supplier is fully logged and can be viewed in the ‘History of negotiations tab’ at the bottom of page. Your response will be sent back to the supplier, and you can find your RFQ under ‘RFQs/ Pending supplier’s response’ under ‘My filing cabinet’. If an RFQ is pending the supplier’s response and the supplier did not respond, or you no longer need this RFQ anymore, simply click on the ‘Cancel RFQ’ link, fill in the reason for cancellation and submit it to the supplier.

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